Initiatic Journey – Peru 2019

From Monday 2nd September until Sunday 15th September 2019

Discover Huamanwasi Ashram

Why Peru ?

Huamanwasi Ashram, located in Peru near Tarapoto in the Upper Amazon, is dedicated to the Awakening of Consciousness, thanks to the traditional Amazonian medicine, the practice of yoga, meditation, intuitive dance, sacred chants and the re-connection to Earth.

To experience the sacred plants in their natural environment amplified their therapeutic effects and ground us back to Mother Earth. This natural wisdom purifies the physical body, mind and emotions, thus facilitating introspection and the knowledge of our profound Self, source of wisdom.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga and intuitive dance allow us to integrate the energy and wisdom the plants gave us in the ceremonies and allow us to live our creative self, our true Self.

With whom ?

Sébastien Rouel, is teaching Kundalini Yoga, intuitive dancing and chanting for 12 years. He is connected to sacred plants after several trips to the Amazon since 2005.
Emilio Escariz, shaman, master of ceremonies, Kundalini Yogi and dancer, he has been exploring this medicine for 20 years with a psychotherapeutic background.

Together, Emilio and Sébastien are guiding a 14 days workshop where you will explore Kundalini Yoga, Sound Yoga, intuitive dancing, shamanic rituals with Sacred plants, a fast in the forest and a sweat lodge (Temazcal).

Sébastien Rouel and Emilio Escariz

Planning of the 14 days :

Monday 02 September : Welcoming the Group in the afternoon

Tuesday 03 September: Kundalini Yoga
Exploration / Study Chakras
Visiting the fasting tambo (huts)
Dance ritual for Pachamama near the river

Wednesday 04 September: Picking and preparation of plants for the purification ceremony

Thursday 05 September: Kundalini Yoga
Talk and exchange on the purification ritual
Preparation meeting for the 1st ritual with Plants of Knowledge
Mantra/Chanting and 1st Ritual with Sacred Plants

Friday 06 September : Kundalini Yoga
Talk and exchange about the previous ritual
Active Meditations
2nd Ritual with Sacred Plants

From Saturday 07 to Monday 09 September : Time in the forest
Individual guidance

Tuesday 10 September : Coming out of the hut in the forest
3rd Ritual with Sacred Plants

Wednesday 11 September : Kundalini Yoga
Talk and exchange about the previous ritual
Intuitive dance
4th Ritual Sacred Plants

Thursday 12 September : Quiet Day / Meditation / Chanting

Friday 13 September : 5th Ritual with Sacred Plants
Dance improvisation
Sweat lodge (Temazcal) and water purification in the river

Saturday 14 September : Grounding Day
Excursion to Tarapoto (village next to the Ashram) or in the nature
Kundalini Yoga and Intuitive Dance
Last circle for talking about the rituals

Sunday 15 September : Departure after breakfast

How much does it cost ?

1400€/pers after the 31st March 2019
You could pay in severals times

The fees include the teachings, rituals, meals and accommodation from 02 February 2019 evening until 15/09/2019 morning.

The fees does not include the flights.

Questions ?